The review situation for Borderlands 3 is an unusual one: Our review and some other reviews appeared several days before the release, but there are still reviews from all relevant sites.

This is because Publisher 2K has so far only provided test copies to a few publications. So the current average score could well change again after release.

So far, it turns out very positive. Borderlands 3 currently stands at 85 points on Metacritic, and there are only two scores below 80: a 77 and a 63.

What the testers of Borderlands 3 say:

The press has mainly positive things to say about the game. In our review of Borderlands 3, Maurice sums up:

“As far as Borderlands is concerned, I have simple demands – but by no means low ones! I simply wanted more and on the enormously high-quality level of Borderlands 2, and Borderlands 3 not only delivers that, it even exceeds my expectations in many areas.

It has the best classes so far, the coolest weapons, and the most spectacular action of an already fantastic series. And the developers were confident enough to keep the Borderlands DNA without chasing any modern trends and making it an MMO or Open World – just right!

Matthias Dammes from PCGames also praises the first-person shooter and writes in his review:

“You can see in every fiber of Borderlands 3 that the developers put the fun of the game first. Accordingly, I can recommend Borderlands 3 to every fan of the series without reservation.

But the same goes for everyone else who just wants to have a good time with a video game. For me, the game is definitely at the top of my list of games of the year for the time being”.

Borderlands 3: Recognized Globally?

Borderlands also receive a great deal of foreign recognition. Most testers accept that Borderlands 3 doesn’t revolutionize the game’s principle, but it does it in a really enjoyable way and should offer just what many fans have wished for.

IGN calls the game a “fantastic arsenal of weapons, comedy, and missions.” Forbes expects that Borderlands 3 will be Destiny’s greatest competitor in the years to come: “Borderlands 3 has been worth the wait and will be formed years from now.

Unfortunately, the game itself comes with one error so far discovered by the gamer-base: Borderlands 3 Negative Guardian Rank. It’s an error which stops some of the crazy players from starting their journey, of course, the problem could be fixed by following the link above.

The most negative voice comes from PCGamer. Borderlands 3 just hits 63rd place, and the plot and comedy, in particular, was heavily criticized and, according to the critique, should have been even more focused on the Tales from the Borderlands.

While the game would bring a lot of interesting and absurd weapons and might have been good lizard-brain entertainment, it doesn’t make up for the shortcomings of the game:

“Between the glitches, the lengthy non-jokes, the high-handed side blasts on game design patterns, and some guest appearances that I won’t ruin, but that made me complain audibly, Borderlands 3 has a lot in common with recent gearbox cases.

Lots of loud boasting when what people truly care for is being held, hostage. This is all the more disappointing because Tales from the Borderlands have struck a precarious blend between absurdity, self-awareness, and a sincere spirit. Better Borderlands 2 is possible; it’s not just Borderlands 3.”

By the way, we were not completely in agreement either. Editor-in-chief Heiko does not see Borderlands 3 as critical as PCGamer, but he would have pleaded for a lower rating than head tester Maurice.


While being one of the best action games, borderlands 3 has its downfalls as well. The gamer-base isn’t happy about many things, starting with the “negative guardian rank glitch” and ending with some of the graphic features.

Judging by some of the main reviews, the game carries out an impressive potential and will still be played by more than 100.000 gamers all over the world.